Sunday, April 8, 2012

Grateful Dead Meet-Up At the Movies

Alpine Valley July 18th, 1989. I just got a couple tickets. Should be a real good time. Hope to see some of you at the Regal Theater in Atlanta.

Link to Locations: Here.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Hotfile Gave Me The Porkchop Sandwich.

Apparently, two concerts that I put up have been reported as copyright infringement. They are Pink Floyd - High Times and Furthur - NYE. The Floyd is a bootleg, and Furthur was a radio broadcast. Didn't think either would be a problem.  The result is I've had my account suspended. How long I do not know. They gave me no information on that, or who complained about it.  So, basically all hotfile downloads are down. I'm not going to try and re-up all of them, because there is just to many. But I will put up ones I get requests for. I'm sorry about this ridiculousness. I will try and find another upload site that is a little better at how they do things. Shutting all my files is a bit heavy handed. I had well over 200 shows on there. Many that I hadn't posted yet. Well it was fun while it lasted, I guess. And maybe they will re-open it soon if we are lucky. I will try and get music rolling real soon.....