Monday, May 25, 2009

Neil Young w/ The Santa Monica Flyers - 1973-11-05

Here is a real gem. Neil Young with his band The Santa Monica Flyers live at the Rainbow Theatre in London, England. I'm putting this up for a friend of mine, who loves the album "Tonight's The Night." They play just about the entire album at this show. The concert was performed in 1973, but the album wasn't released till 1975. So you get a chance to hear these songs in there building stage. And let me tell you they sound awesome. The sound quality for this show is pretty damn good, for an audience recording. Especially, for the age of this recording. The sound lacks a bit of high end, I believe this was done to reduce the tape hiss. Which you hear very little of. Overall I would give this recording a B plus. It is an extremely enjoyable listen. And for "Tonight's The Night" fans an absolute must have.


Tonight's The Night
Mellow My Mind
World On A String
Speakin' Out
New Mama
Roll Another Number
Tired Eyes
Tonight's The Night
Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
Human Highway
Don't Be Denied
Cowgirl In The Sand

***Neil Young - 1973/11/05***

The Faces - San Bernardino , California 1975-03-07

Alright, here is another great sounding recording of The Faces. This concert is later in the bands career. Unfortunately, Ronnie is not playing on this one. None the less it is still a rocking set, and a fantastic soundboard recording.


1. I'm Losing You
2. Bring It On Home
3. Sweet Little Rock n' Roller
4. Too Bad
5. Every Picture Tells a Story
6. Stay With Me
7. Motherless Children
8. Gasoline Alley
9. You Wear It Well
10. Maggie May
11. Twistin' The Night Away

***The Faces - 1975-03-07***

How True It Is. Alan Watts - "Music and Life"

Alan Watts, I couldn't of explained it better if I tried. And believe me I have tried. Now if I can just keep reminding myself of this, and put it into practice. If we all could, I think we would all be much happier for it.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - Studio Archives 1969

What we have here is an absolute must have for all CSN&Y heads. The sound is fantastic. A plus sound quality. Not to mention that the songs are wonderful. An acoustic version of "Almost Cut My Hair" and Paul McCartney's "Blackbird" are just a couple of gems on this album. You don't need to be a die hard fan to enjoy this one. My question is. Why hasn't this been officially released? Seriously what is the holdup? Fortunately we have this.

Track List:
1. Everybody's Talkin' (CSN Version)
2. How Have You Been (CSN Version)
3. Black Queen riff / dialogue
4. Triad (Acoustic)
5. Almost Cut My Hair (Acoustic) - Wally Heider's, SF
6. Everyday We Live - Wally Heider's, SF
7. Sea Of Madness - Wally Heider's, SF
8. The Lee Shore - Stephen Stills Home Studio
9. Everybody I Love You - Wally Heider's, SF
10. I'll Be There - Wally Heider's, SF
11. Blackbird - Wally Heider's, SF
12. Ivory Tower - Wally Heider's, SF
13. 30 Dollar Fine - Wally Heider's, SF
14. Everybody's Been Burned (Nash Version)
15. You're Wrong Baby - Wally Heider's, SF
16. Everybody's Alone - Wally Heider's, SF

***CSN&Y Studio Archive***

Monday, May 11, 2009

Neil Young - Enmax Centre Lethbridge, Alberta 2009/04/25

Now, we all know when Schoeps microphones are involved, we are going to be treated to a great sounding audience recording. And Neil Young can do no wrong. What more needs to be said? Other than a big Thank You to the person who took the time to record and share this concert with us.

***Neil Young - 2009/04/25***

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Faces - John Peel Sunday Concert 1971

I just came across this the other day. And I know a couple of friends of mine who's ears will melt off when they hear it. At least I hope. If you own their box set, you will be a little familiar with this concert. The live version to the song "Cut Across Shorty" was taken from this show. Hence why it is not included here. If you do not have their box set, I highly recommend it. A friend of mine convinced me to buy it, and damn if it wasn't worth every penny. Anyway this recording is a pre-fm from Paris Cinema, London, England May 13th, 1971. The recording was transferred directly off the BBC Transcription reel to reels by Talbe1019. And I got to say he did an amazing job. Thank you so much for your hard work, and sharing this with the rest of us Talbe1019.
For this is truly a must have for all fans of The Faces. It is a stellar recording. But enough talk. Download this and enjoy.

Set list:
1) You're My Girl
2) Love In Vain
3) Bad N' Ruin
4) It's All Over Now
5) Had Me A Real Good Time
6) (I Know) I'm Losing You

***The Faces - Sunday Concert 13.05.1971***

Dom Deluise RIP (August 1, 1933-May 4, 2009)

Gonna miss you Captain Chaos. Thanks for all the laughs.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Family Guy: Bag of Weed Song

Oh, how the times have changed. Did you ever think you would see this in a cartoon? I guess so.