Monday, December 31, 2007

Led Zeppelin Live 2007 Amazing New Recording

I gotta say hell yes. This is the best recording to date. The sound is wonderful. Recorded by Per. Front of Board (approx. 15 meters ahead of soundboard). Dead center. And you damn well feel right there in the audience. Per has a fantastic recording setup. Using those ever beautiful Schoeps MK41s microphones.
Thank You Per. You did an amazing job. Thank you for sharing this great historical show with us. This is by far the best.

****Led Zeppelin Live 2007. ****

Note: I'm trying out a new Storage Site called ADrive. Mainly because I wont have to split files do to upload limits. I hope this makes it easier for everybody. Please let me know how you feel about this in the comments.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Oscar Peterson RIP

Oscar Peterson. You will be missed. Thank you for the wonderful music. Here is a great show from 1970. A great soundboard recording, from an amazing piano player. The Jazz world and the rest of us have lost a great one. Enjoy some beautiful Jazz this Christmas day.

Oscar Peterson Trio
Live at Gürzenich in Cologne, Germany, 1970-11-19

Oscar Peterson -piano
Jiri Mraz -bass
Ray Price -drums

Set List:

01 HE LAMP IS LOW 7.40

03 TRISTE 6.35
05 UNTITLED 6.22

07 ON A CLEAR DAY 5.02
08 HAMP'S BLUES 4.45

12 CUTE 5.19

Oscar Peterson Trio 1970 Pt. 1
Oscar Peterson Trio 1970 Pt. 2

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas with Neil Young

Here is an amazing compilation of acoustic songs taken from the Chrome Dreams II Tour. This was compiled, remastered and edited by CHerrmann57. Who we all owe a special Merry Christmas. Thank you for your hard work. Hope everyone has a great Holiday.

Here is the song line-up:

Chrome Dreams II Continental Tour (Oct. 18 - Dec. 19, 2007)
Acoustic Compilation

Disc 1 (47:21)
01 From Hank To Hendrix (Spokane - 2007-10-20)
02 Ambulance Blues (Chicago - 2007-11-13)
03 A Man Needs A Maid [synthesizer version] (Spokane - 2007-10-20)
04 Harvest (Spokane - 2007-10-20)
05 Journey Through The Past (Spokane - 2007-10-20)
06 Mellow My Mind (Spokane - 2007-10-20)
07 Love Art Blues (Upper Darby - 2007-12-09)
08 Love Is A Rose (Spokane - 2007-10-20)

09 No One Seems To Know (Upper Darby - 2007-12-09)
10 Out On The Weekend (New York - 2007-12-19)
11 Heart Of Gold (Spokane - 2007-10-20)

Disc 2 (46:53)
01 Don't Let It Bring You Down (New York - 2007-12-16)
02 Sad Movies (Upper Darby - 2007-12-09)
03 On The Way Home (Boston - 2007-12-03)
04 Try (New York - 2007-12-16)
05 Kansas (Boston - 2007-12-03)
06 Old Man (New York - 2007-12-12)
07 Mexico (Upper Darby - 2007-12-09)

08 Old King (New York - 2007-12-15)
09 Love In Mind (Los Angeles - 2007-11-02)
10 After The Goldrush (Upper Darby - 2007-12-10)
11 A Man Needs A Maid [piano version] (Upper
Darby - 2007-12-09)
12 Campaigner (Upper Darby - 2007-12-09)
13 Cowgirl In The Sand (Upper Darby - 2007-12-10)

Neil Young Part 1.
Neil Young Part 2.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Pink Floyd KQED 1970

Well here is a little Pink Floyd for this Christmas Eve. Not sure the the whole deal on this. The sound is amzing this much I do know. The story behind this recording has brought some debate. Feel free to weigh in. This is what was written with the recording I got.


"This audio is not from a DVD transfer. This recording
comes straight from a DAT transfer from the master
reels. "

"This is the story I was told when I received
this recording. During the mastering of the

KQED DVD, an employee and avid music fan had
access to the master reels. Not wanting to let
this moment pass, he managed to make a copy.
From there other copies were distributed from his
master copy. This recording was taken directly from

his master copy. I received this from a friend of a
friend who knew I was a huge Pink Floyd fan and

audio enthusiast. I was asked if I had ever heard
of a KQED television session? At that time I had not.
I'm told he can get me a copy of the audio. At this
point in time I was highly skeptical. A few weeks
later I received an overnight delivery. And the rest

is history. "

"Too bad you greedy bootleggers can't get a hold
of my master copy. Set the music free. I hope everyone
enjoys my efforts."

OK, So now you know as much about this as I do. I do enjoy the effort. The sound is amazing. Merry Christmas Eve.

Set List

KQED Studios
(possibly at the Fillmore West)
APRIL 29, 1970

1. Atom Heart Mother
2. Cymbaline
3. Granchester Meadows
4. Green Is The Color
5. Careful With That Axe, Eugene

6. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun

Pink Floyd KQED 1970

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Spiritualized "Acoustic Mainline" Union Chapel, Islington, London

This is a must have concert. Jason Spaceman does it again. I just got this concert a few days ago, and haven't stopped listening to it yet. Recorded by musicsaves00. The concert takes place at Union Chapel, Islington, London on December, 9th 2007. This is Psychedelic Gospel. If some of these songs don't make your heart feel like it wants to swell and explode? There is something wrong with you. Songs like "Think I'm in Love," "Lord Can You Hear Me," and "Stop Your Crying," sound beautiful with the Gospel Choir. "Ladies and Gentlemen We Ar Floating in Space" eloquently blending into "Only Fools Rush In" makes you want to cry with Joy. And the icing on the cake is Jason doing his own rendition of "Silent Night" like only this Psychedelic man can. I just can't say enough good things, about this version of the group, and the truly beautiful music they made, on this night.

Happy Birthday Liz. :) Here is some music especially for you.

Spiritualized "Acoustic Mainlines" Part 1.
Spiritualized "Acoustic Mainlines" Part 2.

Set List:

Sitting on Fire
Lord Let It Rain on Me
True Love Will Find You
Cool Waves
Going Down Slow
Soul on Fire
Walking With Jesus
Feel So Sad
Death Take Your Fiddle
Stop Your Crying
All of My Tears
Baby I'm Just a Fool
Anything More / Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space
Broken Heart
Think I'm in Love
Lord Can You Hear Me?

Goodnight, Goodnight / Silent Night
Oh Happy Day

Friday, December 14, 2007

Led Zeppelin 12/10/2007

So, they ride again. I just got a copy of the show. The people are going nuts. The show itself rocks pretty hard as well. Sound quality is not bad. Recorded by Sloburn. Who I can't thank enough.

This is his own review on his recording. "This is not the best recording I have ever made. Not even close. Section 407 is all the way up in line with the ending of the floor. Fortunately I managed to move down from the second to last row which was considerably higher up than row J."

"Since this show is what it is I assume most can live without perfection for awhile. I'm sure better sources will turn up but this is listenable and will give you a great feel for the show."

I could not agree with him more. This show is now pretty much everywhere. But if you haven't come across it yet. Blog Stoned has a great page of Sloburn's recording it's both in FLAC and MP3. He also has a bunch of video links aswell.
Go check it out. Thanx to both of these guys.

Here is the setlist.

Good Times Bad Times
Ramble On
Black Dog
In My Time Of Dying
For Your Life
Trampled Under Foot
Nobody's Fault But Mine
No Quarter
Since I've Been Loving You
Dazed And Confused
Stairway To Heaven
The Song Remains The Same
Misty Mountain Hop
Whole Lotta Love
Rock And Roll

You can see some video at:

Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Great Lost Kinks Album

The title doesn't lie. This album is GREAT. A must have for all die hard Kinks lovers. I have just recently acquired this album, and haven't stopped listening to it yet. This album has 30 unreleased tracks spanning the time period from 1963 to 1970. Now, if this wasn't cool enough for you, here is the best part. This album was put together by the man himself Ray Davies. It was also produced by Ray Davies and Shel Talmy. And what a wonderful job they did. The sound is spectacular. Released in 2000 to a very limited run this is a very hard cd to get. I have put it in two zip files. Just to try and keep the sound quality (vbr 320). So waste no time, you wont be disappointed.

Liz. That means you. Download this gem. :) Get on o
n it.

The Great Lost Kinks Album Part 1.

The Great Lost Kinks Album Part 2.

More Info About Songs:
This track info was obtained from Dave Emlem's Unofficial Kinks.


1. The Virgin Soldier March
mono mix, recorded Feb 1969 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London
2. I'm A Hog For You Baby
mono mix, demo version, recorded 19 Oct, 1963 at Regent Sound Studios, London
3. I Believed You
mono mix, demo version, recorded 19 Oct, 1963 at Regent Sound Studios, London
4. Revenge
mono mix, demo version, recorded mid-Dec 1963 at Regent Sound, London
5. Got Love If You Want It
mono mix, alternate take, recorded early 1964
6. Don't Ever Let Me Go
mono mix, recorded 8 Sep, 1964 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London
7. This I Know
mono mix, demo version, recorded 31 May, 1965 at Regent Sound Studios, London
8. A Little Bit Of Sunlight
mono mix, Ray Davies' publishing demo, recorded 24 May, 1965 at Regent Sound Studios, London
9. Tell Me Now So I'll Know
mono mix, Ray Davies' publishing demo, recorded 24 May, 1965 at Regent Sound Studios, London
10. There's A New World Just Opening For Me
mono mix, Ray Davies' publishing demo, recorded 24 May, 1965 at Regent Sound Studios, London
11. All Night Stand
mono mix, demo version, recorded Dec 1965 at Central Sound, London
12. Time Will Tell
mono mix, recorded possibly 25-26 Oct, 1965 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London
13. Spotty Grotty Anna
stereo mix, recorded around 1968 at Pye Studios, London
14. And I Will Love You
mono mix, recorded 29 or 30 Dec, 1965 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London
15. She's Got Everything
stereo mix, recorded 7 Feb, 1966 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London
16. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
mono mix, alternate recording, recorded 2 Feb, 1966 at IBC Studios, London
17. Mr. Reporter
mono mix, lead vocals by Ray, recorded 2 Feb, 1966 at IBC Studios, London
18. Sand On My Shoes
stereo mix, recorded 24 or 25 Nov, 1966 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London
19. Lavender Hill
mono mix, recorded probably Aug 1967 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London
20. Rosemary Rose
mono mix, recorded Jan 1968 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London
21. Misty Water
stereo mix, recorded 3 May, 1968 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London
22. Mr. Songbird
stereo mix, recorded probably Nov-Dec 1967 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London
23. Did You See His Name?
stereo mix, recorded Mar 1968 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London
24. Where Did My Spring Go?
mono mix, recorded 28 Jan, 1969 at BBC's Riverside Sound Studios, Hammersmith, London
25. When I Turn Off The Living Room Light
mono mix, recorded 4 Feb, 1969 at BBC's Riverside Sound Studios, Hammersmith, London
26. Till Death Us Do Part
mono mix, recorded Sep 1968 at Pye Studios
27. Pictures In The Sand
mono mix, recorded May 1968 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London
28. Berkeley Mews
mono mix, recorded early 1968 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London
29. Easy Come, There You Went
stereo mix, recorded 29 Mar, 1968 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London
30. This Man He Weeps Tonight
stereo mix, recorded May-Jun 1969 at Pye Studios (No. 2), London

Tuesday, December 4, 2007


Hey, Hey,

Checkout my new mix. To the right. Hit the GIANT Play Button. Go checkout their site and make your own. They actually have a pretty good selection of music. I mean shit Spacemen 3 and The Brian Jonestown Massacre is on there. Have fun mixing and matching. Hope you enjoy the randomness of it all.