Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hey, Hey, Slow on the Music.

Sorry, for the lack of new posts. I'm out in Dalat, Veit Nam at an internet cafe. This city is beautiful. Heading to Ho Chi Min City tomorrow for a few days. And then heading to Bangkok, Thailand for three weeks. When I get there I hope to find some crazy tunes. If not. I have some cool stuff on the way regardless. Hello my friends, I truely wish you were all here. It is one hell of good party. Beers for 25 cents. Gotta love it. The pharmacy is not bad either. I'll get some photos up when I get to Bankok. Gotta get to the bar.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Eric Clapton and Steve Winwood MSG 2/26/2008

Alright, Just came across this. And it sounds great. This is an audience recording. Don't let that deter you. TaperAdvocate did a wonderful job. I don't think you could get much better, until a soundboard, or an official release comes out. And hell this is probably as close as we are going to get to a Blind Faith reunion. Lots of love to TaperAdvocate for taking on the job.

Set List:

01. Had To Cry Today
02. Low Down
03. Forever Man
04. Them Changes

05. Sleeping In The Ground
06. Presence Of The Lord

07. Glad >
08. Well Alright
09. Double Trouble
10. Pearly Queen
11. Tell The Truth
12. No Face, No Name, No Number

13. After Midnight
14. Split Decision
15. Ramblin On My Mind (EC solo acoustic)
16. Georgia On My Mind (SW solo hammond)
17. Little Wing
18. Voodoo Chile
19. Can't Find My Way Home
20. Cocaine
21. Dear Mr Fantasy

Steve and Eric MSG 2/26/2008

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Olivia Tremor Control 3/4/1998 Cat's Cradle, Carrboro NC

Here is a nice sounding recording. This a board recording from when they were on tour with Neutral Milk Hotel. Olivia Tremor Control are true psychedelic argonauts. This concert is just dripping in lysergic frequencies. I wish these guys were still making music together. Fortunately, we have all the splinters of this band creating new bands. Not to mention influencing many new psychedelic bands.

Go grab your wacky tobaccy for this one.

March 4, 1998
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro NC
Lineage: SBD->CASS->CDR->WAV->FLAC>Mp3VbrLevel8

1. Intro
2. California Demise III
3. Shaving Spiders
4. I'm Not Feeling Human
5. Mystery
6. A New Day
7. Paranormal Echoes
8. I Have Been Floated
9. A Sleepy Company
10. Hideaway
11. A Peculiar Noise Called 'Train Director'
12. A Sunshine Fix
13. Define A Transparent Dream
14. Courtyard
15. Grass Canons
16. Hilltop Procession
17. Can You Come Down With Us?
18. Jumping Fences
19. The Sylvan Screen
20. Pre-Encore Gibberish
21. The Opera House

Re-Uploaded on 9/20/2009
Olivia Tremor Control 3/4/1998

The Kinks Live at The Palladium, NY 12/31/1980

Sorry its been so long. Been trying to organize a big mess of concerts. While in the process of doing this, I came across this exciting Kinks Concert. This show sounds great. And the boys are seriously hepped up. They blast through with some major speed. Really gets you hopping.
So, go grab yourself a shot of Vitamin B, or smell some cocaine. What ever works for yeah. And rock yourself silly with this one.

The Kinks
December 31, 1980
Palladium New York, NY
FM Broadcast
Cd>Flac>Mp3VBR level 8

Set list:

1. Opening instrumental > The Hard Way
2. Where Have All The Good Times Gone
3. Catch Me Now I'm Falling
4. Bird Dog
5. New York City Blues
6. Lola
7. Dead End Street >Till The End Of The Day
8. Low Budget
9. Imagination's Real
Nothing More To Lose
10. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
11. Come On Now
12. You Really Got Me
13. Give The People What They Want
14. Gallon Of Gas
15. Celluloid Heroes
16. All Day And All Of The Night
17. All Day and All of the Night (reprise)
Stop Your Sobbing
David Watts
18. Superman

The Kinks 12/31/1980 Palladium NY

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ray Davies - Working Man's Cafe

Picked this up about a week ago. It's pretty damn good. There are some really strong songs. Vietnam Cowboys is the first song and definitely gets you ready for the album. Love the lyrics. If you a Kinks fan, and you liked his last album "Other Peoples Lives" I don't think you will be diappointed. The album has gotten really strong reviews, if you are into that shit. Go get it.

Kelly Stoltz - Circular Sounds

Also check out Kelly Stoltz "Circular Sounds" I've been listening to this album every freaking day. He's got it. This guy wears The Kinks on his sleeve with out a doubt. His voice has a bit of a Ray Davies feel to it. I can't recommend this enough. Check out track three The Birmingham Eccentric.