Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Arnie Lawrence "Look Toward A Dream"

Though this record is in the jazz realm, it is dripping with Psychedelia. Lets go with Psychedelic Jazz. Arnie Lawrence instrument of choice was the alto sax, and he played it well. During his long career he was a leader, a sideman and later in life a teacher. For several years he played on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. During this time he would sign to the Project 3 Label. In 1968 the label released two of his albums the second being "Look Toward A Dream." This record has a bit of a Miles Davis "In A Silent Way, Jack Johnson" feel about it. Larry Coryell plays gritty distorted guitar. Though the album is mostly instrumental there is a few songs. These are not my favorite, but you may find them rewarding. I love the first song "Gonna Get Some Right Now" is my favorite. It really kicks this album into full motion. The groove is some strong shit. I recommend twisting one up, and spinning one out. I hope to find more psychedelic jazz of this caliber. Arnie does not disappoint.

Saturday, January 27, 2007

July - July 1968

Here is great one to help kick in your weekend. Though July was only together for less than a year, they definitely made their mark on the British psychedelic scene. This is well crafted pop type psychedelia. "Jolly Mary" being one of my favorite on this record. The drum breaks remind me of something you would hear in trip-hop music of today. These songs are trippy, odd, weird and head induced. The more you listen the more fun you will have. This is one the bands you can hear the correlation with Olivia Tremor Control, Sun Shine Fix, or any of the Elephant Six bands of today. And I think one will agree that July outperforms the bands of now. I hope they bring you a smile.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Portland Radio Authority "Skullcrushing Hummingbird Show"

A real good friend of mine just got his own radio show. Please give him your support. He plays great psych music. Yes folks. A non-stop Psychedelic radio show. He plays psych from every era. And even though it's in the afternoon, this man is not afraid to drop an anvil on your head. Go to and give him a listen.

Lart's on every Tuesday:

2 pm ...Portland, Seattle, SF, LA
4 pm Austin, Chicago

5 pm NYC, Indianapolis, ATL
10 pm UK

11 pm Paris, Prague, Oslo
7 am Wednesdays, Tokyo

You can also check out previous shows and set lists at his blog site.

Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera

This is some hard-pop psychedelic rock. Elmer's intro sets the pace. Craziness. This being their first release from 1967. This UK release is helmed by Elmer vocal and guitar, as well as John Ford and Richard Hudson. John and Richard would later join The Strawbs. Elmer's voice commands this record. It's pop in a Beatles and July type psychedelia. Great backing on the chorus. Deep bass. Whirling guitar's and keys. And of course you gotta have sitar in there somewhere, right? I see where some of the new psychedelic bands, such as Olivia Tremor Control and Sun Shine Fix get their influence from. You will not be disappointed with this tab. So, wrap yourself in some velvet and enjoy.

***Elmer Gantry's Velvet Opera***

Vinegar 1971

Back with some psychedelic mayhem. This self titled album is melting with jamming juice. Vinegar only made one record, before they called it quits. Recorded on January 9th, 1971 in Studio Rottenburg. These five songs have a strong Pink Floyd flavor. Although I don't find them to be a copy, rather more of an influence. Their instrumentation is a little different. This group consists of seven player, with violin, flute, organ and female vocals sprinkled here and there. This adds a nice dimension to the music that Floyd does not achieve. The album twists and turns. Not just from song to song, but within each song. At points I find myself checking to see if it is the same song. They travel from garage to space and back. The transitions are sometimes so smooth I tend to get lost in the music. And that right there is what makes it. Give this record a couple of listens. It's a creeper. I didn't really get into on the first listen. After a couple, it slowly snuck up my spine, and lodged itself deep into my ears.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Hello, Ello

Sorry I haven't put any new music up lately. Been working my ass off. I promise to make up for lost time. With an overdose of mind altering trauma. If not tomorrow definitely the next. So, while waiting check out some of the music links I have posted. These kats have some great music to share with all of us. Tell'm I sent you. Give some love. And try not to hurt your heads to much. Who am I kidding?

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sir Lord Baltimore "Kingdom Come" 1971

I got some bad clouds over my head today. I'm feeling weighted down. And after much personal medication my eyes are just stain glass. In my persuit of mental shutdown, which I must admit I am accomplishing rather well at this point. I feel it is rather hard for me to do this band personal justice in the state that I am in. So, I will let Cream Magazine do it for me. This is an article I came across, reviewing this album when it came out. And they say it better than I can, at this point.

CREEM—May 1971
by Mike Saunders

Sir Lord Baltimore
Kingdom Come
1971 Mercury

All you true blue Heavy fans, take heart. This album is a crusher. Sure enough, Sir Lord Baltimore is none other than a new heavy band discovered by Dee Anthony, Who Should Know (Joe Cocker, Free, Humble Pie); and while SLB’s degree of success hasn’t been determined yet, they’ve certainly got what it takes to rake in a million.

This album is a far cry from the currently prevalent Grand Funk sludge, because Sir Lord Baltimore seems to have down pat most all the best heavy metal tricks in the book. Precisely, they sound like a mix between the uptempo noiseblasts of Led Zeppelin (instrumentally) and singing that’s like an unending Johnny Winter shriek: they have it all down cold, including medium or uptempo blasts a la LZ, a perfect carbon of early cataclysmic MC5 (“Hard Rain Fallin’”), and the one-soft-an-album concept originated by Jimmy Page and his gang. No slow blooze for these guys: “Excitement is what we’re into…” In addition, “Jack Bruce has been a major influence on my career” says SLB bassist Garry Justin. Top that, man.

As much as I hate heavy music—cock rock, macho rock, or whatever the current name for it is—I have to admit to having every Blue Cheer album ever made, and then to having a peculiar liking for Led Zeppelin II because of its undeniable stupid-rock punch. So just as I was once forced to ponder good bubblegum vs. bad bubblegum because of my irrepressible fondness for “Indian Giver,” I’d be the first to admit that there’s good Heavy and bad Heavy.

Finally then, as for esthetics: if you’re going to listen to heavy music—despite unending putdowns, condescension, and scorn from rock and roll writers and mouldy English Invasion purists like me—why listen to leaden, plodding slop like Free and Grand Funk when you can have a classic slug-you-in-the-gut knockout-your-brains-out efforts like Led Zeppelin II or this album??? Really. Buy Kingdom Come by Sir Lord Baltimore, and be the first on your block to have your brains blown out.

Well, there you have it. It's a wonderful album. Sorry I couldn't get more personal about this gem. I'm just to busy being a selfish fool. Caught up in trying to numb my heart. Have a Pilsner on me. This is Acid Rock that will definitely blow your brains out. At least that's what I plan on doing. Thank God for music. It holds me tight like no other.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Pete Dello "Into Your Ears"

Here is some lite pop psychedelia for this fine Sunday.

Pete Dello after having success with a hit single, for his band Honeybus, went straight into this solo album.

"Into Your Ears" has a Syd Barret/Skip Spence feel. His songs have that strange imagery that Syd and Skip use. The difference is many of the songs are lite hearted, and give you that happy vibe. The well crafted production, odd lyrics and well placed string arrangements, make this album quite enjoyable. The opening song "It's What You've Got" is one of my favorites, and starts this record spinning with bittersweet happiness. "I'm a Gambler" is another favorite that propels this record along. Pete's soft emotional singing just pulls you. Even though what he is singing about is out there, he makes you feel apart of what is going down.

Have some involuntary happiness with Pete. And create yourself a relaxing, yet odd little Sunday afternoon. It's what you got.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Os Mutantes Live in Seattle, WA 2006-07-26

The Os Mutantes mmmh, mmmmmh mmh good. What can I say about these guys. They are newly reformed, and touring in the United States, for the first time ever. Some of you where lucky enough to see them in person, and some of us where not. Fortunately, some kind psychedelic souls, have taken the time to kindly record some of these historic performances. So everybody all can get their Mutantes fix.

OK, here is some technical information for those who are curious. This is their fifth show ever in the US. It took place in Seattle, WA at The Moore Theater, on 2006-07-26. The recording took place in the third row center of the theater. So , you feel nice and close to the band. The equipment used was Sound Professional SP-CMC-5 cardioid microphones, and recorded to Sony TCD-D8 Portable DAT Player. The great man who gave us this recording goes by Taper Mark. Let's all pause and thank him. I got this recording as FLAC files, which I coverted to MP3, 192. If anyone would like the original FLAC files, let me know. I would be more than glad to share them. This is a great sounding audience recording. I hope everybody enjoys this as much as I do. From what I have read they are going to be releasing a DVD and a CD of one of the reunion concerts. I think it is the first show they did in London. So, until that happens these wonderful audience recordings will have to hold us music junkies over. I have a few other shows from this tour if there is any interest. But for now lets let this Tropicalia take us on down that Brazilian trip a go-go. (SET 1) (SET 2)

The Set List is in the comment section.

Sun Ra and The Blues Project "Batman & Robin"

First off I would like to thank everybody who stopped by to check out my blog site. I am truly blown away by how many have popped in. Please continue to come by, I will have some great stuff coming up. Also if you would like me to add your sites to my link page let me know.

It has also been brought to my attention that The Hell Preachers Inc. file was corrupted. I have fixed it. Thanx for letting me know about that.

OK, Now to the music.

Sun Ra and The Blues Project

This is some fun music. This album was released in 1966. It is a children's record made to cash in on The Batman and Robin television series. Though the album credits "The Sensational Guitars of Dan and Dale," it is actually Sun Ra's Arkestra and The Blues Project joined together. The album is instrumental except "Batman's Theme" and "Robin's Theme." I believe this is the only time these two bands have joined forces. Let me tell you it rocks. I've been listening to this record for quite sometime, and it still grabs me. When ever I'm at a loss for something to listen to, I always come back to this record. It's just got a good happy vibe to it. So, have a lite smoke and enjoy.

New Upload 12/2/2009

Batman and Robin

Friday, January 12, 2007


Here is a great little one off 1968 release. It also has some mystery behind it. Some people believe that members of Deep Purple were involved. Others think it was just German session musicians. Hmmm. I guess you'll just have to decide for yourself. Either way it's a great Psychedelic album. There is real strong guitar and hammond organ playing, which lends people to think it is Deep Purple members. It does have that feel on some songs, but the album as a whole is far more psychedelic than any of Deep Purple's releases. It was early on in DP's career maybe they needed a couple of buck. If it was they did a great job. Let me know what you think. Post a comment. I'd love to hear every bodies opinions.

I have re-uploaded this album. I'm very sorry for the inconvenience. The link has been change. Thank for letting me know.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Les Maledictus Sound "Attention"

Yummy, Psychedelic Instrumental music.  Created by Jean-Pierre Massiera in 1968.  He gathered a large group of talented musician in a studio in Nice.  His group Les Maledictus Sound made only one record.  He went on to make two more albums, which took this sound further.  This record however stands out above all.  If you like the album "Vampyros Lesbos" then you will love this one.  It's dripping with reverbed instruments and trippy sound effects. This record is dark and scary psychedelia at points.  So be for warned it may induce a bad trip. If there is such a thing.  Either way it's a well crafted psychedelic record, and my heads off to Jean-Pierre and his Maledictus Sound.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Happy New Year with Master's Apprentices

Hope everyone is having a great start to their New Year.  Here is a wonderful album to start the trip rolling. The band is Master's Apprentices,  and the album  "A Toast To Panama Red".  This is great Acid Rock.  Just a side note, There is some real nice rolls floating around Atlanta right now. If you come across Dark Reddish-Purple LV's, I highly recommend them.  I've 
been listening to this record for about 3 months.  I love it. About an hour into my LV experience, I put this album on.  I can't begin to tell you how great this record is.  The music just hugs your ears.  I want to thank Kizmeth for sharing this album on his blog site.  Enjoy.

Here is what Kizsmeth had to write about the record:

Master's Apprentices - "A Toast to Panama Red"
Australia 1972

A top shelf Australian hard prog powerhouse and collectors item. Nine awesome tracks from 1972 recorded at Abbey Road studio.

Taken as a whole, this album stands as a high watermark of the Aussie progressive Rock era. It's a remarkable album of extraordinary skill and rare precision. The song arrangements are free flowing, yet tightly structured and highlight Doug Ford's exemplary guitar technique. The guitar sounds are phenomenal with Doug's heavy fuzzed leads and Glenn Wheatly's solid bass lines driving the music ever onwards.

Tracks like Answer Lies Beyond, The Lesson So Listen, Melodies of St Kilda and Southern Cross are built around incisive heavy rock riffs. They also contain some of the most incendiary, free-form, acid-fried guitar freak outs you're ever likely to hear on an Aussie progressive album.

Beneath the Sun possess an intriguing psych/country tinged edge, while the majestic pop of Love Is benefits from the addition of a trilling horn arrangement.

The band even tackled the grandiose orchestrations of the Moody Blues styled Games We Play Part I & II with considerable style. The album ends on a beautifully elegiac and reflective note with the gentle folksy strains of Thyme To Rhyme.

A Toast To Panama Red is a truly awesome progressive rock masterpiece and the absolute best Australian album of the period.