Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Neil Young - Avery Fisher Hall, NY 04/25/2011

This is from the forth leg of Neil's tour. He just keeps on keepin' on. And this show does not disappoint.  This is another great sounding audience recording, using those delicious sounding Schoeps CCM4's microphones. Someday I hope to own a pair of those. After one listen to this concert you will know why. I hope you enjoy this acoustic show as much as I do.

***Neil Young - 04/25/2011***

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

The Fleet Foxes - 05/25-2011, Columbiahalle - Berlin, Germany

With the Fleet Foxes's releasing their new album "Helplessness Blues." I thought it would be cool to hear them on their latest tour. This is an audience recording from just a few days ago at Columbiahalle in Berlin, Germany.   I'm not really sure who recorded it, but they did an amazing job. I give this person a big Thank You, for taking the time to record, and share it with us. For some reason this band is compared to CSN. And I really don't hear it.  I mean they're kinda folky, acoustic and the guys sing great together. But lyrically and the overall content of the music is nothing like Crosby, Stills and Nash. I find this comparison to be very misleading. Anyways this is a good band in their own right, and well worth taking some time out to listen to them. So, enjoy the show.

Set List:
01. (crowd)
02. The Cascades
03. Grown Ocean
04. Drops in the River
05. Battery Kinzie
06. Bedouin Dress
07. Sim Sala Bim
08. Mykonos
09. Your Protector
10. Tiger Mountain Peasant Song
11. White Winter Hymnal
12. Ragged Wood
13. Lorelai
14. He Doesn't Know Why
15. The Shrine / An Argument
16. Blue Spotted Tail
17. Blue Ridge Mountains
18. Oliver James
19. Helplessness Blues

***The Fleet Foxes - 05/25/2011***