Friday, July 29, 2011

Journey - 05/27/1974 Sausalito, CA

Now, before you say what the hell's going on here? Let me explain. I am not in anyway shape or form a Journey fan.  But a good friend of mine, insisted that they were an amazing prog-rock band, when they started out. So, I figured I'd give him a chance, and checkout some of their early music. This concert takes place in May, several months before they signed to Columbia records in November. How's that for early beginnings? It was recorded at The Record Plant in Sausalito, CA. The recording is believed to be a soundboard. There is a bit of tape hiss, but not distracting to the music. I've got to say I quite enjoyed the music. They really were a good band, before Steve Perry got involved. It's night and day. They have some interesting jams and real tight band. It's really to bad they didn't stick with it. Thanks Josh for putting me on to some good shit. I do recommend checking this concert out.

Set List:
1 Intro > Mystery Mountain > Tuning
2 Topaz
3 All Too Much > In My Lonely Feeling > Conversation
4 Kohoutek
5 To Play Some Music > Drum Solo > To Play Some Music
6 Of A Lifetime
7 In the Morning Day > Outtro

***Journey 05/27/1974***

Furthur - Verizon Amphitheater - July 31st 2011

I'm getting real excited to see this concert. Hope to see everyone there.  It's gonna be a good time.  Have fun, and be safe.  For more information about the show, hotels, dining, or how the hell to get there. Click HERE.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Taj Mahal - 04/05/1979 Palalido, Milano, Italy.

It's Taj Mahal what more needs to be said, really.  This a pretty strong sounding recording.  It's taken straight off of the soundboard to cassette tape.  So, it does have a bit of that cassette sound, but you quickly get used to it , and truly get immersed in the music.  I want to thank 38f for recording and sharing this concert with us.  32 years later, we can still enjoy this concert, thanks to 38f.  So Please, Enjoy.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Keith Richards and the Ex-Pensive Winos 02/06/1993

I've been meaning to get this on here a few weeks ago. Sorry for the delay. This soundboard was recorded live at Massey Hall, Toronto Canada, February 6, 1993. What we have is, another fine bootleg, by Swingin' Pig Records. This is by far one of the best recordings, I've come across, of The Ex-Pensive Winos. Not only does the recording sound great, so does the band. Even Keith's singing is strong throughout. It's a must have for your collection.