Thursday, January 18, 2007

Sir Lord Baltimore "Kingdom Come" 1971

I got some bad clouds over my head today. I'm feeling weighted down. And after much personal medication my eyes are just stain glass. In my persuit of mental shutdown, which I must admit I am accomplishing rather well at this point. I feel it is rather hard for me to do this band personal justice in the state that I am in. So, I will let Cream Magazine do it for me. This is an article I came across, reviewing this album when it came out. And they say it better than I can, at this point.

CREEM—May 1971
by Mike Saunders

Sir Lord Baltimore
Kingdom Come
1971 Mercury

All you true blue Heavy fans, take heart. This album is a crusher. Sure enough, Sir Lord Baltimore is none other than a new heavy band discovered by Dee Anthony, Who Should Know (Joe Cocker, Free, Humble Pie); and while SLB’s degree of success hasn’t been determined yet, they’ve certainly got what it takes to rake in a million.

This album is a far cry from the currently prevalent Grand Funk sludge, because Sir Lord Baltimore seems to have down pat most all the best heavy metal tricks in the book. Precisely, they sound like a mix between the uptempo noiseblasts of Led Zeppelin (instrumentally) and singing that’s like an unending Johnny Winter shriek: they have it all down cold, including medium or uptempo blasts a la LZ, a perfect carbon of early cataclysmic MC5 (“Hard Rain Fallin’”), and the one-soft-an-album concept originated by Jimmy Page and his gang. No slow blooze for these guys: “Excitement is what we’re into…” In addition, “Jack Bruce has been a major influence on my career” says SLB bassist Garry Justin. Top that, man.

As much as I hate heavy music—cock rock, macho rock, or whatever the current name for it is—I have to admit to having every Blue Cheer album ever made, and then to having a peculiar liking for Led Zeppelin II because of its undeniable stupid-rock punch. So just as I was once forced to ponder good bubblegum vs. bad bubblegum because of my irrepressible fondness for “Indian Giver,” I’d be the first to admit that there’s good Heavy and bad Heavy.

Finally then, as for esthetics: if you’re going to listen to heavy music—despite unending putdowns, condescension, and scorn from rock and roll writers and mouldy English Invasion purists like me—why listen to leaden, plodding slop like Free and Grand Funk when you can have a classic slug-you-in-the-gut knockout-your-brains-out efforts like Led Zeppelin II or this album??? Really. Buy Kingdom Come by Sir Lord Baltimore, and be the first on your block to have your brains blown out.

Well, there you have it. It's a wonderful album. Sorry I couldn't get more personal about this gem. I'm just to busy being a selfish fool. Caught up in trying to numb my heart. Have a Pilsner on me. This is Acid Rock that will definitely blow your brains out. At least that's what I plan on doing. Thank God for music. It holds me tight like no other.


Anonymous said...

great rock!!! my ears say thanks

Anonymous said...

I scored this album when it first came out. It was getting some decent radio airplay in the Washington, DC are and I had to have it.

It turned out to be a pretty good album. And it definitely pissed off my parents. That's when I knew it was a winner!

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Sir Lord Baltimore "Kingdom Come" 1971
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Anonymous said...

Thanks for this one... a classic!!

zappahead said...

Have seen this album on and off over the years....but...never heard it...thought it was about time i did....thanks for the share much appreciated...cheers.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Great share!!