Friday, May 4, 2007

Back From Bangkok.

Well, I'm back in my home town. Had a great time in Bangkok. Wish I was still there. There is so much to see in Thailand. The people are great. I haven't smiled that much since a liquefied Grateful Dead concert. My smile muscles hurt after the first day. I can't say enough good things about the people, and their country.

I haven't had time to upload any music lately. Sorry about that. But all is not lost. I did come across some great blog sites, while in Bangkok. One of great interest is Gustavoeo. If you love The Kinks as much as I do check this site out. There are at least ten albums posted there. They are all early works. Such as Percy, Arthur, Something Else By The Kinks, Preservation Society, Kinda Kinks and more. I highly recomend "
Something Else By The Kinks" this album is great. It's not like their earlier records. They tend to vier away from their psychedelic pop side, and steer towards a more acoustical vibe. I love it.

I just want to thank Gustavoeo for taking the time to upload these gems. Make sure you pass one on.

Something Else By The Kinks

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