Monday, January 15, 2007

Pete Dello "Into Your Ears"

Here is some lite pop psychedelia for this fine Sunday.

Pete Dello after having success with a hit single, for his band Honeybus, went straight into this solo album.

"Into Your Ears" has a Syd Barret/Skip Spence feel. His songs have that strange imagery that Syd and Skip use. The difference is many of the songs are lite hearted, and give you that happy vibe. The well crafted production, odd lyrics and well placed string arrangements, make this album quite enjoyable. The opening song "It's What You've Got" is one of my favorites, and starts this record spinning with bittersweet happiness. "I'm a Gambler" is another favorite that propels this record along. Pete's soft emotional singing just pulls you. Even though what he is singing about is out there, he makes you feel apart of what is going down.

Have some involuntary happiness with Pete. And create yourself a relaxing, yet odd little Sunday afternoon. It's what you got.


Jenerator said...

It is a great album you`re right.
Goo to see the blog coming on,good luck with it

Sinner3 said...

Thank you. Jenerator. I appreciate your comment.

melissa said...

i really like that Honeybus single, I Can't Let Maggie Go, so was psyched to see you post this album. thanks so much for sharing this! looks like you've got a great blog coming along here.