Friday, November 19, 2010

Alexander Shulgin suffurs a stroke.

Alexander Shulgin, the one-of-a-kind chemist who crossed a diamond with a pearl, is in the hospital after a stroke.   Friends are suggesting that donations can be made via the second link on this page: Support the Shulgin Collection.
Update: More details are emerging. Family friend Greg M. writes that:
[Tuesday (11/16)] “on the way to the hospital for a scheduled test, Sasha had a stroke. He has been struggling for six months with an ulcer on his left foot that won’t heal, hoping to avoid amputation. Sasha & Ann have been in serious financial trouble for some years, and the coming medical bills will be a burden they can’t bear alone… For non-tax-deductible contributions: Paypal $ to [] or snailmail: Sasha Shulgin, c/o Transform Press, PO Box 13675, Berkeley CA 94712. For tax-deductible online donations to support the completion of Shulgin publishing projects that are underway:
Source: Psychedelic Research

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