Tuesday, November 11, 2008


The Kinks
The Kinks are looking to possibly reunite, and are working on new material together, front man Ray Davies has told BBC News.

The singer says that they have started writing songs but "It depends if there's good music. We want good new music. I'd like to do it as a more collaborative thing than we used to do."

The Kinks last performed in 1996, and are one the only popular bands from the 60s whose founding members are still alive.

Davies has also spoken about making another album, collaborating on duets with other musicians such as Razorlight's Johnny Borrell and Snow Patrol as well
as discovering new talent to work with.

Davies said: "I don't just want to do usual suspects. I'd love
to do something with Johnny, but I'd like to find new bands.
Unsigned even. I usually like the underdogs."

Source: Uncut.co.uk


Anonymous said...

Ray and Dave are talking and communicating nothing more going on right now. Ray is finishing up with his London Musical Come Dancing which closes tonight, then prepares for a 3 week USA tour starting inTampa Florida on November 28th and finishes up in Asbury Park, New Jersey on December 13th. Dave is working on a new movie ” Mystical Journey ” soon to be released and may be doing somelive solo shows once again next year but nothing is confirmed about that. God save the KinKs, Ray and Dave no matter what they do seperate or together, they have never disappointed me. - Frank Lima, A Montvale, New Jersey Hillbilly Boy aka Dan the Fan

Frank Lima November 8th, 2008 2:29 pm ET

Ray Davies 2008 end of year tour schedule..DONT MISS HIM !
28 November - Tampa Theatre, Tampa, FL
29 November - Fillmore Miami Beach at Jackie Gleason’s, Miami, FL
30 November - Hard Rock Live, Orlando, FL
2 December - Variety Theatre, Atlanta, GA
3 December - Wildhorse Saloon, Nashville, TN
5 December - Borgata Music Box, Atlantic City, NJ
6 December - Bardavon 1869 Opera House, Poughkeepsie, NY
8 December - 9:30 Club, Washington, DC
10 December - Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel, Providence, RI
11 December - Memorial Auditorium, Burlington, VT
12 December - Hammerstein Ballroom, New York, NY
13 December - Paramount Theatre, Asbury Park, NJ

Frank Lima November 12th, 2008 2:29 am ET

The Kinks music has always been too important and too relevent for a reunion to take place for just nostalgic reasons. No true die hard kinks fan wants to see that or the kinks come back as an oldies act. They mean too much to us. Dave has said on site that he and Ray have not seen each other in over a month now and have not even opened up a guitar case together and there is still a lot of things to sort out, so there is still a long way to go before any reunion even is a thought. Don't believe all the reunion rumors in the headlines about them rehearsing and writing songs for a reunion tour. However that brings me to another point, there has to be new material brought to the table for a KinKs reunion. Again no self respecting true Kinks fans wants to hear just the hits or the old stuff, we want new material from Ray one of if not the greatest songwriter of all time, from the Kinks one of if not the greatest bands of all time. Also the real supporters and fans of the Kinks want both Ray and Dave to want this reunion and neither of them should feel forced or pressured in to it. If it never happens so be it just as long as they are both happy. And besides we have their great solo careers to look forward to. Ray has been doing solo shows for over 12 years now an they are great shows, and Dave too up until his stroke a few years ago has also been doing solo shows and I think Kinks tour or no KinKs tour he will be back on the road too. For now I say let's be grateful for all the years of great music and great live shows they have given us. God save The KinKs, Ray, Dave and all their fans who have stuck by them through the years. - Frank Lima, A Montvale, New Jersey Hillbilly Boy aka Dan the Fan.

Anonymous said...

Presumably, by "the Kinks," you refer to the brothers only. Which is nearly as if the The Who were(these days) more appropriately referred to as The Two. Though I get along with my siblings just fine, brothers in rock (and popular music) seem totally dysfunctional when together onstage or off. The Everlys. The Louvins. The Wilsons. Oasis. The Davies. It's a weird thing, alright. They never grow up, I guess. I wouldn't count on too much coming out of this, but it's interesting pseudo-gossip.