Friday, February 6, 2009

The Cramps Studio Demos/Outtakes 1979

With this unfortunate passing of Lux, I thought this bootleg to be a good way to remember, some of the great music The Cramps have created. The first part is the Ohio Demos from 1979. Recorded with Alex Chilton from Big Star. And the last three tracks are studio outtakes from Akron in 1979. The whole thing sounds great, and is a must, even if your not a hardcore fan. Hopefully, someday this will be officially released. Hope it brings you back to the good old fun times of music. Lux definitely had that covered.

Track List:

1 Twist & Shout
2 All Tore Up
3 Mystery Plane
4 TV Set
5 Rockin' Bones
6 What's Behind the Mask?
7 Uranium Rock
8 Under the Wires
9 Teenage Werewolf / Sunglasses After Dark
10 Jungle Hop
11 Mad Daddy
12 Human Fly
13 Love Me
14 Voodoo Idol

***The Cramps 1979***

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Wow thanks for posting this.