Saturday, February 7, 2009

Panta Rei - Panta Rei

Here is a rocking album out of Sweden. It was first released by Harvest in 1973. The same label as Pink Floyd. That should tell you right there, that this is worth checking out. The first song dives right into a hepped up psychedelic/guitar rocking jam. Followed by even more serious jam sessions throughout the rest of the album. Acid Rock at it's best. And I mean come on with an album cover like that, how can you be disappointed? Seriously.

Track List:

1. Five Steps (3:09)
2. White Bells (6:51)
3. Five O'Clock Freak (9:40)
4. The Knight (13:40)
5. The Turk (4:08)

***Panta Rei - Panta Rei ***

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