Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Faces - John Peel Sunday Concert 1971

I just came across this the other day. And I know a couple of friends of mine who's ears will melt off when they hear it. At least I hope. If you own their box set, you will be a little familiar with this concert. The live version to the song "Cut Across Shorty" was taken from this show. Hence why it is not included here. If you do not have their box set, I highly recommend it. A friend of mine convinced me to buy it, and damn if it wasn't worth every penny. Anyway this recording is a pre-fm from Paris Cinema, London, England May 13th, 1971. The recording was transferred directly off the BBC Transcription reel to reels by Talbe1019. And I got to say he did an amazing job. Thank you so much for your hard work, and sharing this with the rest of us Talbe1019.
For this is truly a must have for all fans of The Faces. It is a stellar recording. But enough talk. Download this and enjoy.

Set list:
1) You're My Girl
2) Love In Vain
3) Bad N' Ruin
4) It's All Over Now
5) Had Me A Real Good Time
6) (I Know) I'm Losing You

***The Faces - Sunday Concert 13.05.1971***


Anonymous said...

Sweet musical awesomeness! Thank you very much!

Face meeelltttting ooooffffffffffff....

winter rates said...

holy fuck this is awesome.


Anonymous said...

I have just found this and all I can say is thank you thank you thank you! I had this concert recorded off air on a very crappy two track and the quality was appalling but the music just summed up what the Faces were all about. I still listen to it and had been trying hard over the years to get any quality from them and here it is in pristine glory!! The only sad thing is that all the banter with John Peel has been cut - I guess for legal or some silly reason. Why are the BBC such idiots to sit on or destroy such musical heritage.

cgm said...

Thanks for this - had this on an old reel to reel tape, recorded off air from an AM broadcast, long since gone. The Faces were a high point of early 1970s BBC Radio One's "In Concert" programmes - they appeared at least twice, and gave the impression they weren't taking it all that seriously, and that having a good time was the most important thing - a welcome respite from the legions of po-faced prog rock bands who usually featured on the show. Wonderful!