Monday, May 25, 2009

Neil Young w/ The Santa Monica Flyers - 1973-11-05

Here is a real gem. Neil Young with his band The Santa Monica Flyers live at the Rainbow Theatre in London, England. I'm putting this up for a friend of mine, who loves the album "Tonight's The Night." They play just about the entire album at this show. The concert was performed in 1973, but the album wasn't released till 1975. So you get a chance to hear these songs in there building stage. And let me tell you they sound awesome. The sound quality for this show is pretty damn good, for an audience recording. Especially, for the age of this recording. The sound lacks a bit of high end, I believe this was done to reduce the tape hiss. Which you hear very little of. Overall I would give this recording a B plus. It is an extremely enjoyable listen. And for "Tonight's The Night" fans an absolute must have.


Tonight's The Night
Mellow My Mind
World On A String
Speakin' Out
New Mama
Roll Another Number
Tired Eyes
Tonight's The Night
Flying On The Ground Is Wrong
Human Highway
Don't Be Denied
Cowgirl In The Sand

***Neil Young - 1973/11/05***

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Anonymous said...

Thanks! What a great show!!!