Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jefferson Airplane - Kiskano Theater Vancouver, Can. 01/14-16/1966

Now here's an old soundboard, from three nights at the Kiskano Theater in Vancouver, BC Canada. This is  pre-Grace Slick era. Signe Anderson was the original  female vocalist. Another musician many will recognize is Skip Spence from Moby Grape. It's really quite fascinating to hear them as a folk rock group. They haven't yet turned heavily into the psychedelic Airplane. There are also some very rare songs on this recording. It's a must have for all Jefferson Airplane heads.

Set List:

  1.  It's No Secret
  2.  The Other Side of this Life
  3.  Get Together
  4.  Kansas City (fades)
  5.  High Flying Bird
  6.  In the Midnight Hour
  7.  Lay Down Your Weary Tune (fades in)
  8.  Tobacco Road
  9.  Running Round This Life
10.  Baby What You Want Me To Do
11.  You're Bringing Me Down
12.  Feel a Whole Lot Better
13.  It's No Secret
14.  High Flying Bird
15.  And I Like It
16.  Go To Her
TRACKS 1-6  JANUARY 14,1966
***Jefferson Airplane 01/14-16/1966***


Anonymous said...

Thanks. Wow! This is very early. I never heard of this one before. Sounds quite good for it's age too. Do you have any old Moby Grape from their early days too('66-"68)? Like from the Avalon, Matrix, or Fillmore,etc. As you know, there's very little available.

Sinner3 said...

I believe I do have some Moby Grape. I'm not sure off the top of my head what dates. I will try to get that up real soon. I'm glad you enjoyed The Airplane.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff although it was the Kitsilano Theater