Sunday, January 14, 2007

Sun Ra and The Blues Project "Batman & Robin"

First off I would like to thank everybody who stopped by to check out my blog site. I am truly blown away by how many have popped in. Please continue to come by, I will have some great stuff coming up. Also if you would like me to add your sites to my link page let me know.

It has also been brought to my attention that The Hell Preachers Inc. file was corrupted. I have fixed it. Thanx for letting me know about that.

OK, Now to the music.

Sun Ra and The Blues Project

This is some fun music. This album was released in 1966. It is a children's record made to cash in on The Batman and Robin television series. Though the album credits "The Sensational Guitars of Dan and Dale," it is actually Sun Ra's Arkestra and The Blues Project joined together. The album is instrumental except "Batman's Theme" and "Robin's Theme." I believe this is the only time these two bands have joined forces. Let me tell you it rocks. I've been listening to this record for quite sometime, and it still grabs me. When ever I'm at a loss for something to listen to, I always come back to this record. It's just got a good happy vibe to it. So, have a lite smoke and enjoy.

New Upload 12/2/2009

Batman and Robin


Anonymous said...

Really a nice album I think.

Anonymous said...

The link is dead. Could you possibly re upload. I believe I had this one as a kid and I would very much like to hear this again!

Thank you.

Sinner3 said...

I don't understand why it's down. But I will re-post this music. Something strange is afoot. I will get this fixed during the next week. Please check back. And thank you for letting me know.

Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you had a time when I might check back for this album. The link is still dead and I would very much like to hear this one again.


Anonymous said...

I just tried both links and I think the files are corrupted. Really wanted to hear the songs. :-(