Friday, July 30, 2010

Moby Grape "Dark Magic" Live 1965-1969 Various Venues

Someone has recently asked if I had any Moby Grape.   I took a walk down to the basement to see what I could find. I knew I had a few, and to my surprise I had a few more. I thought I would start out with this one. For a couple many reasons. The sound quality over all is pretty good, which is very hard to find for this group. It spans a good distance from the early years to their high mark. And most of all the music, there are some real gems on this double disc. There are live tracks from Winterland, The Avalon, The Fillmore, and Monterey.  Moby Grape seems to be one of those greats, that is unfortunately overlooked. So, I hope this will be a nice start, with more to come.

Disc 1:
Monterey Pop Festival Intro (Tom Smothers)
Mr. Blues
Sitting by The Window
Miller's Blues
Hey Grandma
Sitting by The Window
Going Nowhere
Sweet Little Angel
I Am Not Willing
Honky Tonk Blues
Bitter Wind
Murder In My Heart For The Judge
Dark Magic

Disc 2:
$20 Blues
Hey Grandma Blues
Dark Magic Part 1
Dark Magic Part 2
If You Can't Learn From Your Mistakes
Can't Be So Bad
Sitting by The Window
Fall On You
It's A Beautiful Day Today
Big Boss Man
Bitter Wind
Letter from Skip
***Moby Grape "Dark Magic"***


Anonymous said...

Thanks for following up on the request! There's lots of good stuff on this set. A few cuts made it to the "official" live cd, but most of them remain unreleased. Can't wait to see what else you come up with.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. Did you ever find any more Moby Grape ?