Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Os Mutantes Live in Seattle, WA 2006-07-26

The Os Mutantes mmmh, mmmmmh mmh good. What can I say about these guys. They are newly reformed, and touring in the United States, for the first time ever. Some of you where lucky enough to see them in person, and some of us where not. Fortunately, some kind psychedelic souls, have taken the time to kindly record some of these historic performances. So everybody all can get their Mutantes fix.

OK, here is some technical information for those who are curious. This is their fifth show ever in the US. It took place in Seattle, WA at The Moore Theater, on 2006-07-26. The recording took place in the third row center of the theater. So , you feel nice and close to the band. The equipment used was Sound Professional SP-CMC-5 cardioid microphones, and recorded to Sony TCD-D8 Portable DAT Player. The great man who gave us this recording goes by Taper Mark. Let's all pause and thank him. I got this recording as FLAC files, which I coverted to MP3, 192. If anyone would like the original FLAC files, let me know. I would be more than glad to share them. This is a great sounding audience recording. I hope everybody enjoys this as much as I do. From what I have read they are going to be releasing a DVD and a CD of one of the reunion concerts. I think it is the first show they did in London. So, until that happens these wonderful audience recordings will have to hold us music junkies over. I have a few other shows from this tour if there is any interest. But for now lets let this Tropicalia take us on down that Brazilian trip a go-go. (SET 1) (SET 2)

The Set List is in the comment section.


Sinner3 said...

The Set List.

01 Dom Quixote
02 Caminhante Noturno
03 Ave Gengis Khan
04 Virginia
05 Cantor De Mambo
06 El Justiciero
07 Baby
08 I'm Sorry Babu
09 Fuga II
10 Dia 36
11 Top Top

01 Le Premier Bonheur Du Jour
02 2001
03 Ave Lucifer
04 Balada Do Louco
05 Ando Meio Desligado
06 Cabeludo Patriota
07 Minha Menina
08 crowd
09 Bat Macumba
10 Panis Et Circenses
11 Tecnicolor

torch1971 said...

thanks, you are adding some great posts and I love the fact that you use mediafire which doesn't make you wait 90 minutes between dl's like crapidshare.

Sinner3 said...

Yeah, I'm not a big fan of rapid.
The time limit is what bothers me most. I hope to experiment with others soon.

Thanks for the love.

aneopa said...

Hi, maybe is a little too late, but i would love see this release in Flac or at least in MP3 320.

If you want you are wellcome to take a look im my blog

I´ll try do a big update every month.


See you

Até a próxima!

fat macumba said...

thanks for sharing the awesome recording! great to hear these guys so many years later.

the first set seems to have gone down. any chance you could fix the link?

Sinner3 said...

I will have to look into this. It seems it was deleted. I don't know why however. Sorry. I will re-up it as soon as I can. Check out this show while your here:
I think you will like it.