Monday, October 11, 2010

Jethro Tull - Sweden 01.09.1969

I find it very hard to come across early Jethro Tull that is not poorly recorded.  And even that is tough to come by.  So, when I find something like this, it really makes my musical day. This is a soundboard recorded in mono. Don't let the word mono turn you away. It really doesn't take away from this recording at all. It sounds great. I've only gotten a few shows from this time period that come close to this quality. The concert takes place in Konserthuset Stockholm, Sweden on January 9th, 1969. Ian Anderson is in full form singing and tearing it up on the flute.  He yelps and squeals like and insane man. "Martin's Tune" is a nice 14 minute instrumental. As well as "Dharma For One" and "Nothing Is Easy" both over 15 minutes. They're real nice psychedelic jams. Turn on your red light and enjoy.
The Late Show
01.Intro + tuning-up
02.My Sunday Feeling
03.Martin's Tune
04.To Be Sad Is a Mad Way to Be
05.Back to the Family
06.Dharma For One
07.Nothing Is Easy
08.Song For Jeffrey
***Jethro Tull 1969.01.09***

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