Wednesday, February 14, 2007

New music player

I just added this music player. To the upper right of the blog. I'm in the process of experimenting with it. I plan to use it with the albums. This way you can hear some of the music before you go through the process of downloading the record. I think I might also put music on the player that may be of interest. Such as new bands that are keeping the psychedelic spirit alive and fresh. Let me know what you kats think.

For my trial effort I have put up two songs from the and Relatively Clean River. This is another of Phil Pearlman's projects. As his others it is great. Have a listen for you
yourself. I got this from Chris's blog site. The C.G.R Site. Thank you Chris. So, make sure you go over to Chris's site and thank him. There are many scores to be had there.

Note. Chris's link has expired. I have posted a new link. Enjoy.

New Link.

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zappahead said...

Well im familiar with beat of the earth and I know this isnt like his other stuff...well Im led to believe but will look forward to listening to it....thank you very much.