Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Alex Chilton - The Knitting Factory, February 13, 1997

Here is another wonderful recording to help celebrate Mr. Chilton's life of music. Thanks to Jeff Vargon we have this great recording. This is a very special show. Here is the story as told by Jeff Vargon.
"After an unexpected loss of power, the club's management announced that the second set was canceled and in spite of the grumbles of the audience, refunds were given out. I, and a handful of others, chose to remain in our seats and unexpectedly Alex came out onto the floor. By the grace of the muses one of the audience members had an acoustic guitar, and handed it to Alex on a whim. Alex began strumming,and what began as a brief four song run-through led to over an hour of amazing, and at times, almost ethereal music."
Thank you Jeff, for recording and sharing this with us. This is truly a very special recording, of a one of kind singer song writer.

Set List:
Last Bouquet
Baby I'm Your Man
The F.B.I.s Top Ten
Let's Get Lost
Like a Rain in My Heart
If I Had a Hammer
Lovesick Blues
Girl from Impanema
My Baby Just Cares for Me
Motel Blues
Someone to Watch Over Me
Footprints in the Snow
Only the Lonely
Blues Tune
Tastes So Bittersweet
Wouldn't it Be Nice
Surfer Girl
Solar System
What's Your Sign?
I Walk the Line
Goodnight My Love
***Alex Chilton Acoustic 1997***


Anonymous said...

I cannot believe nobody has posted a few words...this is the Holy Grail of mr.Chilton's bootlegs. I've been trying to find it for 10 years or so.

Sinner3 said...

You are very welcome. Glad you enjoy the music. It's nice to hear, that people dig what's here. Thank you for posting a comment.

Jeff said...

Hmmmm ... I upped this recording on after Alex's passing. It should still be on that tracker if you are interested in a lossless copy of the show.

Sinner3 said...

Thank you Jeff. It's a wonderful recording. I listen to this recording quite a bit. A good friend of mine gave me this, I will have to ask him if he got it there. I bet he did. I envy you, wish I could have been there. Must have been quite an experience. Thank again.

Anonymous said...

You are a musical God Jeff! Thanks

Anonymous said...

Hi...I would be very happy if you could upload this concert agagin...the link is dead.
Thanxxx in advance.
Best Dan.