Friday, December 9, 2011

Circulatory System - Nuci's Space, Athens, GA 6.26.2009

This is for all the psychedelic heads out there.  If you are a fan of Olivia Tremor Control, this band is for you. Many of the members of OTC ended up in Circulatory System.  This is a live audience recording, taped by Lance Stack. He did a wonderful job of it. Lance has an amazing recording rig, and this concert is a great example, of how an audience recording can sound better than a soundboard. Circulatory System will take you out into deep psychedelic space. And if your not careful you might not come back. Take the trip.

Set list:
1. intro
2. Yesterday's World
3. Signal Morning
4. The Frozen Lake >
5. Woodpecker Greeting Worker Ant >
6. A Peek
7. Overjoyed
8. Until Moon Medium Hears the Message
9. The Spinning Continuous

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