Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Miles Davis - 10/22/1971 Zürich Switzerland

West 77th Street, New York, 1971 © Anthony Barboza
I've kinda been on an electric Miles kick for the last few weeks. So, I thought I'd share, what I've been listening too, with you. This is another FM source recording, but unlike the last one, this sounds a lot cleaner. The recording has nice stereo separation, as well as nice highs and smooth lows.  This concert clocks in at almost 80 minutes, which gives your ears time to really sink into it. And of coarse Miles and the band tear it up like only they can. 

Set List:
1. Directions (13:04)
2. What I Say? (10:58)
3. Sanctuary (03:42)
4. It's About That Time (13:15)
5. Bitches Brew (11:55)
6. Funky Tonk (25:53)
7. Sanctuary (01:00)

***MILES DAVIS - 1971/10/22***

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