Saturday, March 5, 2011

Cream - 10-15-1967

Since, I've got the time here's another amazing show. If you are a Cream fan, than I highly recommend this one. This soundboard is unbelievable. Absolutely, amazing jams. Eric and the band are out of fucking control, tearing up this show. The sound quality on this recording is A plus, and for 1967 that is saying a lot. I'm surprised The Grande Ballroom in Detroit, Michigan was still standing after this power trio was finished. They give it the full treatment on every song, the harmonica playing on "Traintime" is something to be heard. So, here is what I suggest. If you've got that small ball of hash you been saving, like me, for a special listening moment. Bust it out. And give this concert a high volume listen. 
Set List:

1.Tales of Brave Ulysses, 
3.Sitting On Top of the World, 
4.Sweet Wine, 
5.Rollin’ and Tumblin’, 
7.Steppin’ Out, 
10.I’m So Glad

***Cream 10/15/1967***

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