Friday, March 11, 2011

Miles Davis 1973/10/17 Boston Ma.

Here we have a nice sounding off air FM recording. This is a Jazz Workshop event from Berkley Music College, featuring Miles Davis. This recording is another one from WBCN's archives. Which again proves that this station used to be amazing. Miles takes it to the psychedelic edge with this preformance. The thirty plus minute version of "Ife" is unbelievable. As is his fourteen minute "Agharta Prelude." This is another great late night, red light listen.  Enjoy.

Set List:

1 Band warming up [Voiceover introduction] 
2 Ife
3 Agharta Prelude
4 Zimbabwe
5 closing announcement 

***Miles Davis 1973/10/17***


bsk said...

No time to listen now, but I'm looking forward to this. My favourite MD period. Thanks

Anonymous said...

great one, thanks!

btw 1973/10/17 is my birthday :)