Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pavement - 09/18/2010 Agganis Arena Boston, MA

This is a fucking spectacular audience recording. I've actually had this for quite sometime, but just recently got around to really listening. I wish I had payed attention sooner. This show has everything you want to hear. They really did a great performance. It's high energy, and tight playing. I mean as tight as Pavement can be that is. The two encores (6 songs) are great as well. "Fin","Rattled By The Rush" and "Range Life" make this recording worth having alone. Of all the recording I have gotten from this tour, this is by far the best. Don't be like me and wait. Listen to it right away. Enjoy.

Set List:
1. (Pre-recorded intro)
2. Silence Kid
3. Starlings of the Slipstream
4. Two States
5. Trigger Cut
6. Heckler Spray
7. In the Mouth of a Desert
8. Stereo
9. Date w/ IKEA
10. Stop Breathin'
11. Gold Soundz
12. Conduit for Sale!
13. Loretta's Scars
14. Grounded
15. Summer Babe
16. Frontwards
17. Unfair
18. Fight This Generation
19. Perfume-V
20. We Dance
21. Brinx Job
22. Fin
23. Cut Your Hair
(encore 1)
24. Rattled by the Rush
25. Kennel District
26. Range Life
(encore 2)
27. Spit on a Stranger
28. Shoot the Singer (1 Sick Verse)
29. Here

***Pavement - 09/18/2010***

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