Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Led Zeppelin - Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York 02/14/1975

This is a soundboard released by the Empress Valley Supreme label. I got to say they did a pretty good job with this board tape. I've heard other versions that don't have the same punch. The first couple of songs sound a bit unbalanced, but that is the mix just getting pulled together. The only thing, that I'd have to say is, that the high end can be a bit much at times. But you can equalize that down on your stereo. Overall, it's a great concert, with a strong sound. A must listen for all Zep lova's. 

Set List:
01     Rock And Roll
02     Sick Again
03     Over The Hills And Far Away
04     In My Time Of Dying
05     Since I've Been Loving You
06     The Song Remains The Same
07     The Rain Song
08     Kashmir
09     No Quarter
10     Trampled Underfoot
11     Moby Dick
12     Dazed And Confused
13     Stairway To Heaven
14     Whole Lotta Love
15     Out On The Tiles (intro)/Black Dog
16     Heartbreaker

***Led Zeppelin - 02/14/1975***

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