Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Olivia Tremor Control 3/4/1998 Cat's Cradle, Carrboro NC

Here is a nice sounding recording. This a board recording from when they were on tour with Neutral Milk Hotel. Olivia Tremor Control are true psychedelic argonauts. This concert is just dripping in lysergic frequencies. I wish these guys were still making music together. Fortunately, we have all the splinters of this band creating new bands. Not to mention influencing many new psychedelic bands.

Go grab your wacky tobaccy for this one.

March 4, 1998
Cat's Cradle, Carrboro NC
Lineage: SBD->CASS->CDR->WAV->FLAC>Mp3VbrLevel8

1. Intro
2. California Demise III
3. Shaving Spiders
4. I'm Not Feeling Human
5. Mystery
6. A New Day
7. Paranormal Echoes
8. I Have Been Floated
9. A Sleepy Company
10. Hideaway
11. A Peculiar Noise Called 'Train Director'
12. A Sunshine Fix
13. Define A Transparent Dream
14. Courtyard
15. Grass Canons
16. Hilltop Procession
17. Can You Come Down With Us?
18. Jumping Fences
19. The Sylvan Screen
20. Pre-Encore Gibberish
21. The Opera House

Re-Uploaded on 9/20/2009
Olivia Tremor Control 3/4/1998


jonoto said...

Really, really good show. Damn I miss them!

I caught them once at the 1st Arthurfest in LA back a few years back and they were great. Ahhh one can dream

Sinner3 said...

I hear you. Wish they would get back together. The Sunshine Fix is really good. Which is something.

Anonymous said...

Can you re-up please?

Sinner3 said...

I just re-upped it for you. The upload site this is on has a 14 day inactive limit. So, if you don't check back before then let me know. And I'll reset it. Enjoy.