Friday, May 6, 2011

Bob Dylan 1963-02-08 Gerdes Folk City Banjo Tape

Here something for the Dylan collectors out there. I don't have much info about this. It's Bob playing his guitar with a couple of other musicians playing here and there. This version was remastered by Neuthorduo.  Considering the age of this recording it sounds great. There is slight tape hiss, but it does not detract from the music at all. What's cool about this recording is the tape just keeps rolling from song to song. So you got all the banter between Dylan, and the other people in the room with him. And they are having a damn good time. Helps give a feeling of being in there with them. Like a stoned fly on the wall, if you will.


Lonesome River Edge (Trad)
Back Door Blues (Trad)
Bob Dylan's Dream
You Can Get Her (Trad)
All Over You
Masters Of War
Instrumental (Fragment)
Keep Your Hands Off Her (Leadbelly)
Honey Babe (Trad)
Goin' Back To Rome
Stealin' (Trad. Memphis Jug Band arr.)
***Bob Dylan - 1963-02-08***

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