Friday, February 23, 2007

Baiyina (Clear Evidence) - Pat Martino 1968

In vein of the Arnie Lawerence Album I put up awhile ago. Here is a great record by Pat Martino. This is an all instrumental album. Baiyina has that Miles Davis "In A Silent Way" feel about it. The major difference is the Indian instrumentation. There is Indian percussion and droned out sitars throughout the record. With this and the mix of rock, jazz, and psychedelia you end up with a truly unique album. Not to mention the fact that Pat Martino is a freaking amazing guitar player. I highly recommend this record for those into the psychedelic jazz side. The album is very relaxing and smooth. Great for late night mellow time. Turn on your red light, or light your candles and incense. Spin one up and enjoy this masterpiece.

Push play to hear "Where Love's a Grown Up God" 2nd track.


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could you please reupload this album. it'd be much freakin nice of you!