Thursday, February 8, 2007

Bruce Palmer - The Cycle Is Complete 1971

Here is a great psychedelic jam record. Bruce Palmer was the first bass player for Buffalo Springfield. He came done from Canada with Neil Young. Unfortunately, he had to leave early on due to pot busts of all things. And by the sound of this album those busts did not stop the smoke from going in, because it sure came out on this record. The Cycle Is Complete is his first and only solo album. It is primarily an instrumental trip. There is some scattered singing by the percussionist Rick Matthews, who was later known as the crack smoken' Rick James. The music has lentght, but many instruments to keep things interesting. Violin, organ, flute, oboe, organ, piano just to name a few. And all this is blended into a jazzy, blues, folk, rock mind meld. So, roll one up, and kick it back to this masterpiece.

Bruce Palmer 1946-2004


Anonymous said...

great blog, I wound up here searching for this album, but have ended up staying to listen to everything, put me onto lots of good stuff, thanks.

Tanuki said...

Nice find! I've been curious about this for a long time.