Friday, September 14, 2007

Pink Floyd - Piper At The Gates Of Dawn

I picked up Pink Floyd's 40th Anniversary reissue of Piper at the Gates Of Dawn yesterday. I opted for the Deluxe version, which is the three cd set. The two cd set came out last week, which is the mono and stereo version of the album. The Deluxe has not only the third cd but a book that Syd Barrett put together and given to a a girlfriend at the time. Very strange little book I must say the title is called "Enjoy Fart." They did a very good job with the remaster and packaging. And it's nice to have the singles and alternate takes remastered on the 3rd disc. I can get rid of the low quality version I had. My only question is why three cds? The album isn't long, they could have put the mono and stereo version on one disc. At least that is what I thought before I got it. Now I like it this way. It gives each album it's own personal domain. I like it. Over all I would recommend the purchase of the Deluxe version over the 2 disc. The price is not allot more and definitely worth the coin. Forty years old, and still just as new, and scary, and wonderful, and tingly, as the day I first heard it. This album has put a great psychedelic ending to the 40th Anniversary of the Summer of Love.

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Anonymous said...

For many years I loved the stereo version. When the 30th anniversary mono version was reissued on CD for the first time in 1997 my mind was completely blown I thought I knew this album top to bottom but I think the mono version is far superior! As for three discs vs. two you know they expect anyone still actually buying albums to pay up!