Saturday, December 15, 2007

Spiritualized "Acoustic Mainline" Union Chapel, Islington, London

This is a must have concert. Jason Spaceman does it again. I just got this concert a few days ago, and haven't stopped listening to it yet. Recorded by musicsaves00. The concert takes place at Union Chapel, Islington, London on December, 9th 2007. This is Psychedelic Gospel. If some of these songs don't make your heart feel like it wants to swell and explode? There is something wrong with you. Songs like "Think I'm in Love," "Lord Can You Hear Me," and "Stop Your Crying," sound beautiful with the Gospel Choir. "Ladies and Gentlemen We Ar Floating in Space" eloquently blending into "Only Fools Rush In" makes you want to cry with Joy. And the icing on the cake is Jason doing his own rendition of "Silent Night" like only this Psychedelic man can. I just can't say enough good things, about this version of the group, and the truly beautiful music they made, on this night.

Happy Birthday Liz. :) Here is some music especially for you.

Spiritualized "Acoustic Mainlines" Part 1.
Spiritualized "Acoustic Mainlines" Part 2.

Set List:

Sitting on Fire
Lord Let It Rain on Me
True Love Will Find You
Cool Waves
Going Down Slow
Soul on Fire
Walking With Jesus
Feel So Sad
Death Take Your Fiddle
Stop Your Crying
All of My Tears
Baby I'm Just a Fool
Anything More / Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space
Broken Heart
Think I'm in Love
Lord Can You Hear Me?

Goodnight, Goodnight / Silent Night
Oh Happy Day


Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful performance and sound quality. Thanks so much for posting!

Richard Williams said...

incredible gig and a beautiful recording. The Elvis sequence in Ladies and Gentleman is something I've been hunting for a while now.

Richard said...

I was there - best gig of my life. By a country mile.