Friday, February 1, 2008

Ween - Tabernacle, Atlanta GA 1-29-2008

What an amazing night. They fuckin' rocked it out. If you couldn't make it don't be sad. Thanks to the many tapers this wonderful night shall live on. The Z-ManUp did a great job recording this show. Thank you so much for sharing. If your looking for lossless recording for this show, or others from this tour check out LMA. If you just want a great sounding MP3 VBR version, for your Mp3 player, I got you covered.

***Ween Tabernacle, Atlanta GA 1/29/08***

Set List:

Disc I
01 Ice Castle
02 HIV song
03 Golden Eel
04 Stallion Part 3
05 Bananas and Blow
06 Learning to Love
07 Voodoo Lady
08 Zoloft
09 Transdermal Celebration
10 Take Me AWay
11 Stroker Ace

Disc II
01 Object
02 Buckingham Green
03 My Own Bare Hands
04 Your Party
05 Laura
06 Piss Up a Rope
07 Never Squeal on the Pusher >
08 Drum Solo >
09 Never Squeal on the Pusher
10 Touch My Tooter
11 Pony

Disc III
01 Woman and Man Part I (Mickey Broke a String)
02 Woman and Man Part II
03 Chant
04 I Can't Put My Finger On It
05 Ocean Man
06 The Mollusk
07 El Camino
08 Buenos Tardes Amigo
09 tuning
10 Fiesta
11 Puerto Rican Power
12 Dr. Rock
13 Someday

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