Thursday, December 16, 2010

Moby Grape - 1969-02-12

I've had a couple request for more Moby Grape. I have a few recordings by this great band, but not many that sound all that good. It's disappointing because they really had a lot to offer. Just listening to the bad recording you can tell they really put it all out there. But alas all is not murky, hissy, garbled and aged. I have one that does not tax your ears. Instead it lights them up with psychedelic love. There is a bit of weather, but only slight. It's a very satisfying soundboard. "And I'm So Grateful."

Amsterdam -Rai Congrescentrum (1969-02-12)

1. I'm Not Willing   
2. Trucking Man   
3. Sitting By The Window  
4. Fall On You    
5. Murder In My Heart For The Judge 
6. Untitled Blues 
7. Omaha   
8. If You Can't Learn From My Mistakes  
9. Hey Grand Ma   
10. Omaha Reprise  

***Moby Grape 1969-02-12***

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Anonymous said...

Thanks. This is a very good sounding show. If you have any other 'Grape shows, please feel free to post them. It doesn't matter what sound quality they are.