Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Melvins - 40 Watt, Athens GA 10/10/2007

In celebration of The Melvins new album "Nude With Boots". Here is a great sounding recording of them playing at the 40 Watt last year. Recorded by Sloan Simpson. This guy has a real tight recording setup. And he has done an exceptional job as always. The Melvins have the dual drum setup for this show. The second drummer is from Big Business, their opening band. This is great heavy rockin' drone psychedelic crazyness. Turn this one up, and let the drums shake walls, and rattle your teeth.

Melvins - 10/10/07
40 Watt Club - Athens, GA

01) It's Shoved
02) I Want To Hold Your Hand
03) Civilized Worm
04) Suicide In Progress
05) Billy Fish
06) Lizzie
07) Your Blessened
08) Let God Be Your Gardener
09) Hog Leg
10) With Teeth
Blood Witch (missing, accidentally deleted)
12) Rat Faced Granny
13) The Hawk
14) You've Never Been Right
15) A History Of Bad Men
16) The Mechanical Bride
17) The Ballad Of Dwight Fry

***The Melvins 10/10/2007***

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Ryan Speer said...

Could I get a repost? I was at this show, and would love to hear it....