Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Riders Of The Purple Sage, Sellersville Theater 2008-08-10

This is an excellent audience recording by taper Edtyre. Once again those schoeps mk-4 microphones bring that beautiful sound of a live concert home. The New Riders are in top form on this night. It's great to have them back and touring again. With each show I see, or hear recorded, they get stronger and stronger. This show is dedicated to Jerry Garcia and his August passing. They have dedicated the whole month to him. Note. Garcia was part of this band in its beginning. You can hear some of these early recordings at The Live Music Archive. Back to this show. It's a high energy night. They play a few new songs co-written by Hunter and Nelson that are pretty damn good. I like "Blues Barrel" quite a bit. And I'm sure with time these songs will be as strong as "Henry," "Dirty Business," and "Peggy-O." Thank you Edtyre for the hard work recording this Psychedelic Country. Can't wait to hear more.

Set List:

I Don't Know You
Blues Barrel
Sing Me A Rainbow
Dirty Business
Olivia Rose
Rockin' With Nona
Where I Come From
Louisiana Lady
Down The Middle
Instant Armadillo Blues
Ghost Train Blues

***New Riders Of The Purple Sage 2008-08-10***

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