Friday, December 4, 2009

Ray Davies Sentrum Scene, Oslo, Norway 10/07/2009

I'm gonna keep this short. It's a great show. Ray Davies rocks it out with a full band, at Sentrum Scene in Oslo, Norway. I have another concert Ray did, in Oslo from a few years back, that's amazing as well. I guess Ray really loves playing there. Maybe it's because the fans are full energy there. This is an audience recording recorded, with those heavenly Schoep microphones. This is an all around A plus concert. Don't even hesitate. You will love it.

Set list:
01. I Need You
02. Autumn Almanac
03. Apeman
04. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
05. Waterloo Sunset
06. Sunny Afternoon
07. I'm Not Like everybody Else
08. Till The End Of The Day
09. Where Have All The Good Times Gone
10. After The Fall
11. Well Respected Man
12. Vietnam Cowboys > Apache
13. One More Time
14. Workingman´s CafĂ©
15. The Tourist
16. Come Dancing
17. Moments
18. 20th Century Man
19. Tired Of Waiting
20. All Day And All Of The Night
21. You Really Got Me
22. Lola

Ray Davies 10/07/2009

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