Monday, March 1, 2010

THE FACES - London, Paris Theatre 02-08-1973

So, hears the situation. Apparently, this concert was recorded for the BBC, to be aired back in 1973. This however never happened. because the BBC thought they were to drunk. Hmmm, imagine that, The Faces to drunk. This is the same band that toured with a bar right on the stage. I think that was the point of their performances back then. Fast forward thirty years, and the show finally airs on BBC 6. And even that airing is supposedly by accident. You got to love this band. And damn, if the concert doesn't rock, no matter how drunk they were back then.

Set List:

1 Silicone Grown
2 Cindy Incidentally
3 Angel
4 Memphis, Tennesse
5 True Blue
6 I’d Rather Go Blind
7 You're My Girl
8 Twistin' The Night Away
9 It's All Over Now
10 Miss Judy's Farm
11 Maybe I'm Amazed
12 Three Button Hand Me Down
13 I’m Losing You

***The Faces 02/08/1973***

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