Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wooden Shjips - 2009/10/31

Here is a great psychedelic band for you. Wooden Shjips live at 171 Lombardy in Brooklyn, New York. This is a superb matrix recording (audience and soundboard mixed together) done by NYCTaper. I'd have to say it is the best recording, I've heard thus far for Wooden Shjips. The best way to describe their sound is it's a lot like the photo above. Kinda dark, disorientating, and definitely tripped out. To me they are one of the best bands, currently playing this type of dark psychedelic music. Well worth checking out. And you can't go wrong starting with this excellent job. NYCTaper put a lot of work into this recording. A big thank you for sharing this with us.
*Note: You can also download this in FLAC format (which I recommend) by request at: NYCTaper. While your there checkout all the other great music he has, and maybe give a big thanks.

Set list:
1 I Hear The Vibrations
2 We Ask You To Ride
3 Loose Lips
4 Motorbike
5 For So Long
6 Death's Not Your Friend
7 Vampire Blues
***Wooden Shjips - 2009/10/31***

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