Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Arnie Lawrence "Look Toward A Dream"

Though this record is in the jazz realm, it is dripping with Psychedelia. Lets go with Psychedelic Jazz. Arnie Lawrence instrument of choice was the alto sax, and he played it well. During his long career he was a leader, a sideman and later in life a teacher. For several years he played on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. During this time he would sign to the Project 3 Label. In 1968 the label released two of his albums the second being "Look Toward A Dream." This record has a bit of a Miles Davis "In A Silent Way, Jack Johnson" feel about it. Larry Coryell plays gritty distorted guitar. Though the album is mostly instrumental there is a few songs. These are not my favorite, but you may find them rewarding. I love the first song "Gonna Get Some Right Now" is my favorite. It really kicks this album into full motion. The groove is some strong shit. I recommend twisting one up, and spinning one out. I hope to find more psychedelic jazz of this caliber. Arnie does not disappoint.