Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Vinegar 1971

Back with some psychedelic mayhem. This self titled album is melting with jamming juice. Vinegar only made one record, before they called it quits. Recorded on January 9th, 1971 in Studio Rottenburg. These five songs have a strong Pink Floyd flavor. Although I don't find them to be a copy, rather more of an influence. Their instrumentation is a little different. This group consists of seven player, with violin, flute, organ and female vocals sprinkled here and there. This adds a nice dimension to the music that Floyd does not achieve. The album twists and turns. Not just from song to song, but within each song. At points I find myself checking to see if it is the same song. They travel from garage to space and back. The transitions are sometimes so smooth I tend to get lost in the music. And that right there is what makes it. Give this record a couple of listens. It's a creeper. I didn't really get into on the first listen. After a couple, it slowly snuck up my spine, and lodged itself deep into my ears.

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Reminds me more of the old Krautrockers Amon Düül 2 around 1969/70 than Pink Floyd. Sure they are not german? German titles as well.