Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Portland Radio Authority "Skullcrushing Hummingbird Show"

A real good friend of mine just got his own radio show. Please give him your support. He plays great psych music. Yes folks. A non-stop Psychedelic radio show. He plays psych from every era. And even though it's in the afternoon, this man is not afraid to drop an anvil on your head. Go to and give him a listen.

Lart's on every Tuesday:

2 pm ...Portland, Seattle, SF, LA
4 pm Austin, Chicago

5 pm NYC, Indianapolis, ATL
10 pm UK

11 pm Paris, Prague, Oslo
7 am Wednesdays, Tokyo

You can also check out previous shows and set lists at his blog site.


Shane said...

What? Who the hell?
Never heard of him!

Sinner3 said...

That's cool. He just started his radio show this week. Give Larst a listen. You might enjoy.