Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Original Pop Corn -1969

Ok, this is a weird one. The information I have obtained about this record is this. A bunch of talented tripped out French musicians got together to create a new dance. Whether serious, or not, I don't now, but this is what the out come was. The record is supposed to be the soundtrack to the new dance the Original Pop Corn. This is sixties psychedelic pop at its strangest. There are some really cool jams throughout. The musicians not only use there instruments to get psychedelic sounds, but the studio itself. Lots of drippy re-verb, and other odd uses of studio effect. The album is going to be reissued as vinyl in a few months. If you are interested, you can preorder a copy for yourself here at Movie Grooves. Which by the way has tons of amazing psychedelic vinyl and compact discs. It's a great website. I highly recommend you check it out. Have fun shaking your corns to this one.

***Original Pop Corn 1969***

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