Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Colosseum - Boston Tea Party, Boston Mass Feb. 22,1969

Here is some nice smooth psychedelic-prog-jazz-rock, if you will allow. Colosseum's music will definitely take you out there.  And this concert does not disappoint, in that realm. This is a soundboard recording, taken directly from the reels at WBCN radio station, in Boston MA. I got say it sounds pretty damn good. The first song has a bit of weathering to it, but it quickly clears up. The music and the recording are both very enjoyable. I hope you agree. Burn one for me.

Set list:
1- Butty's Blues
2- The Machine Deserves a Sacrifice
Valentine Suite:
3- January's Search
4- February's Valentine
5- Beware the Ides of March (splice in middle where tape was ripped)

***Colosseum Boston Tea Party 1969***

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