Thursday, December 15, 2011

Spiritualized Royal Albert Hall London, UK October 11, 2011

Here's the Albert Hall show, I was telling you about earlier on. I've just gotten a chance to listen to it,and it sounds quite nice. First off, Stephen, thank you for recording this, and sharing it with us all. You did a wonderful job of it. If anyone would like this recording in lossless quality, aka. FLAC format.  Just go here. Otherwise, the mp3 format is in the usual place at the bottom. I'm really enjoying the new songs on the set list. They have me really looking forward, to their new release in March. Enjoy the show. Cause today is a good day to be Spiritualized.
Happy Birthday.

Set List:
01  intro                       
02  Hey Jane                  
03  Hey little girl             
04  You get what you deserve  
05  Too late                    
06  Heading for the top         
07  Freedom                     
08  I am what I am             
09  Jesus won't you             
10  Mary                        
11  Poppy > So long            
12  Sway                        
13  Cheapster >                 
14  Shine a light               
15  Good times >                
16  Take me to the other side  
17  Oh happy day                 

***Spiritualized 2011/10/11***

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