Saturday, December 6, 2008

J.J. Cale's Birthday. 12/5/1938

The man is seventy and he's still rocking. Better than most half his age. To celebrate this great musician I have two different sets to share. The first being JJ Cale Left (c)over Jams. This album sounds amazing. It's all different unreleased versions of some very recognizable songs. If you are unfamiliar with his music, he's been covered by many big named artist. The second recording is from December 1971. This is a live recording Pacific High Recorders San Francisco, CA. It is an FM Broadcast that maybe old, but still sounds great. It's one of the earliest live recordings I have. It mostly consists of some good blues rocking instrumentals. Why this guy isn't more well known escapes me. I'm sure after listening to these recordings you'll ask yourself the same question.

Happy Birthday Mr. Cale. Thank you for all the great music.

***JJ Cale Left (c)Over***

Set List
1. Call me the Breeze
2. New love is hard to find
3. Stone river
4. Untitled Instrumental
5. Woke up this morning
6. Thing's ain't simple
7. Blonde heades woman
8. Hangups
9. Feels like rain
10. Artificial Paradise
11. Untitled Instrumental
12. Santa Cruz

***JJ Cale December 1971***

Set List
instrumental x2
right down here
Hands Off her
instrumental x2

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Anonymous said...

Agreed--No Cig Tax!...
Agreed, this has to be one of my happier days.
I happened to come across these 'Gems' by J J Cale. [Never heard before by me[: )...this way!]
Most approved and all are and will be appreciated by me for a long time and by as many ppl[real ones] as I can find and introduce them to the magic of such a special man.
There's a god...blessings to poster and provider for these 'originals'.
sig: a happy person.