Friday, December 26, 2008

Neil Young - BBC 1971

Well, I hope everybody is having a Happy Holiday. With the release of "Sugar Mountain," which is part of Neil's Archive series. I thought this would be a good time to share this BBC recording. It has a similar feel, to that of The Canterbury House show. The recording shows it's age with a little bit of tape hiss. But I don't find it to be bothersome. So, if you would like a nice quite moment with Neil, here is your chance. And if you haven't yet picked up part three of Neil's Archive serious get on it. The sound quaility is absolutely amazing. Neil is quite funny with his stone y chatter between each song. They also give you a sneak peak into the Archive Box set, that is to be released at some point in 2009.

Set List:

1 Out on the weekend
2 Old man
3 Journey through the past
4 Heart of gold
5 Don't let it bring you down
6 A man needs a maid
7 Love in mind
8 See the girl dance

***Neil Young BBC 1971***

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Merry Xmas to you!

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